We hate to sound like a broken record for not yet finishing "The Legend of Charles Manson", but as the pieces to the 30 year old puzzle finally fit together, disturbing questions and answers (evidence) are being discovered almost daily.

For the truth, we have even gone to such lengths, that Robert Hendrickson has undergone extensive psychoanalysis for the specific purpose of excavating long buried secrets of' his Manson Family experience.

As most of you might well imagine, his ride with the most notorious gang in modern times, not only left emotional scars, but many bizarre stops along the way were blanked out by a protective unconscious mind.

So, the movie is coming and it will be on videotape and every which way movies are shown. We love you for asking, it keeps us focused.




Someone has asked us if Bobby Beausoleil was just a sometime associate of the Family or was he really connected? What an interesting question, especially because no one, up until now, has even mentioned his name. Even more interesting is the fact that the name Bobby Beausoleil started this whole Manson thing and he's almost never mentioned anywhere or anytime. No mention of parole hearings, no TV interviews and Bobby is a story all unto himself.

Some 30 years ago, when he went to prison for killing Gary Hinman, it was widely reported that he took over leadership of the prison Aryan Brotherhood. Not a small time punk here!

The Family has said that the Tate Murders were merely copycat crimes to draw suspicion away from Bobby, who was arrested on the Hinman murder. If that is true, then obviously Bobby was more than a connected member, but a main artery to the heart of the Family.

The prosecution must dispute the copycat motive, because it does not include Manson as a conspirator. Whichever the case, we can easily see the Manson girls doing anything to free Bobby. After all, to them be was a Don Juan of sorts. This photo from a nudie film, in which Bobby is obviously adored by the ladies, sheds some light of his God given talents.



Find another picture of Bobby on this website and you will know more than most.




A Manson Family photo taken in early 1970


Can anyone explain why Paul Watkins returned to the Family after he had escaped the evil grasp of Charles Manson? Can anyone explain why Paul returned to the Spahn Movie Ranch to join in a Family photo with Steve Grogan, after Clem according to Paul, told him he "chopped off Shorty's head"? Note: Paul was the key prosecution witness in the Manson Murder Case. Was Paul actually an undercover informant? Well, the only thing we know for sure is that Paul is deceased and Clem is on the loose.





And here's the kind of story where nobody wins. Ruth Ann Morehouse aka Ouisch, on the right, sits vigil for Manson outside the L.A. Courthouse. Squeaky Fromme and Sandy Good are seated left of her.

Today, after 30 years, she is still a wanted woman for sentencing in the infamous "LSD hamburger caper".  Mansonmurders.com a popular website has reported to have made contact with Ruth Ann and although she expresses regret, she has yet to turn herself in.

Because of the "Sara Jane Olson" case, Ouisch can only eventually find herself on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and because at the time, there were rumors of an SLA-Manson Family connection, Ouisch just might find herself dragged into another standing room only, judicial circus.

But what might be the real story here, is the Internet used to lure and capture fugitives from hiding. We predict that soon, there will be NO place left for ANYONE to hide, not even crooked politicians.




We know most of you are tired of hearing about Manson's right to defend himself under the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but you might find the following an interesting peek into America's dirty little closet.

We learned that an accredited university gives a class on "Psychology and the Law" in which they debate the merits of Charles Manson's competency to represent himself in a court of law.

Do you see the problem? There exists NO issue of competency associated with the 6th Amendment's declared right "to have assistance of counsel".

This "competency thing" is older than slavery. Did you know that in the 1800's incompetent persons and U.S. soldiers were NOT allowed to vote. We can only guess that the rational would be that anyone stupid enough to stand in harms way for the educated and well off, must be incompetent.

Do you know how many hundreds of years ALL women were determined to be incompetent to vote? This competency thing is NOT even addressed in the Constitution, so where did it come from?

For a hundred years, the Southern States prevented Black people from voting by giving them written "Competency" tests. Now, if the Courts and Congress went along with this age old "Competency" scam, shouldn't we at least demand competency tests for politicians?

Black's Law Dictionary (the Bible for lawyers) does NOT even mention competency proceedings to determine eligibility rights granted under the 6th Amendment.

The fact that an institution of higher learning is completely ignorant and devoid of understanding with respect to the meaning of the United States Constitution should scare the shit out of YOU! No wonder absolutely NO one in these United States, including the "educated elite" dare make comment to us about this issue.

Are we not all smart enough to see that this "competency thing" has always been just another way to circumvent discrimination laws and redirect our same old hatred and prejudices against the same UNCHOSEN and less fortunate?

Perhaps Mr. Bugliosi, re: The Prosecutor Speaks Out revealed it best when he declared that without an education, you have no credibility and should simply be ignored. We would add that when your, not yet educated, children come at you with knives, just say NO!



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